Our vision is to be a disciple-making, leader-raising, multiplying church.

We are passionate about coming alongside people, no matter where they are on the road of faith, and taking the journey together so that we may all tangibly experience the life of Jesus. By apprenticing ourselves to Jesus, we grow as lovers of God and lovers of people who serve and participate in bringing transformation to the world. We are excited about birthing new communities that live out and express the love of Jesus and convey hope to the surrounding culture.

Jesus is Lord:  The sovereignty and kingship of Jesus must be brought into every dimension of society so that the world may be called out of darkness into His marvelous light (Deut 6.4-5; Phil 2.9-11; 1 Pet 2.9).

Story of God:  The story of the Bible contains the words of life inspired by God which instruct, govern and nurture followers of Jesus both spiritually and in practical everyday life (Ps 119.105; Jn 6.66-69; 2 Tim 3.16-17).

Spirit-Led:  The church participates with the Holy Spirit for comforting, instructing and equipping God’s people for its mission to the unreached (Jn 4.23-24; Acts 2.1-21; Eph 5.18)

Apprenticeship:  The Christian way of life is a lifelong process of transformation resulting with a person becoming more like Jesus through continual growth and nourishment (Rom 12.1-2; 2 Cor 4.16-18; Eph 2.10).

Church Planting:  Following Jesus for the sake of others is about going out into the world and telling His story so that others may come to know, love and follow Him (Matt 28.16-20; Acts 5.14).

What is Anglicanism?  

“Anglicanism is the life of the Catholic Church that was planted in England in the first few centuries after Christ; reshaped decisively by the English Reformation that reformed the received Catholic traditions and also renewed by the Evangelical and Catholic Revivals and other historical movements of the Spirit; and that has now been inculturated into independent, global churches.”  Fr. Charles Erlandson

Anglican Communion:

The Anglican Diocese of the West:  http://dioceseofthewest.org/

GAFCON (Global Anglican Futures Conference):  https://www.gafcon.org/

Pastoral/Devotional Resources:

The Daily Office:  http://www.esvbible.org/devotions/bcp/

Morning/Evening Prayer:  http://thetrinitymission.org/