Christian Formation

At Three Streams Church we teach with a multi-faceted approach.

Christian education for all ages is held on Sundays at 11:20 AM to 12 Noon.  The format is casual and designed to be conversational.

Sunday Morning Adult Class:  The Story of Scripture

Here’s a look at some of our past classes:

The Jerusalem Declaration, Old Testament Backgrounds, In Pursuit of the Apostle Paul, Know the Heretics, The Story of Anglicanism, The Letters of St. Ignatius, Apologetics: Defending the Faith, The Undivided Church: The Seven Ecumenical Councils, The Four Loves, The Sermon on the Mount, The Book of Acts, The Prayer Book of Jesus (the Psalms), Genesis 1 & Us, The 7 “I-Am” Statements of Jesus, The Afterlife, Discerning the Voice of the Lord, Sharing Your Faith with Family & Friends, Confirmation Class, The New Testament in Its World, Biblical Principles of Financial Stewardship, The Fullness of Time: Jesus in the Feasts of the Lord, Messiah: Climax of the Covenant, For Better or Worse Marriage Class, Christ & Symbol, The Gospel in Our Culture, The Gifts of the Spirit, Surprised by Hope: Resurrection, New Creation and the Mission of the Church, Anglican 101: Readings in Lively Faith, Anglican 201: The 39 Articles of Religion, Ancient Ways of Belonging: Christian Community in the Early Church, Youth Class: Anglican Catechesis & Prayer, Youth Class:  The True You–Finding Your Identity in Christ, Youth Class:  The Youth Alpha Course, and Youth Acolyte Training